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Business Intelligence for Transportation

Dimensional Insight is a software company that provides trusted analytics, KPIs and the industry expertise people need to make informed decisions.

Increased profitability through better insight and control

The transportation industry is challenged to maintain and strengthen profitability, as well as exploit new opportunities, including through digitalisation. This creates a need for accurate and up-to-date information to support continuous improvement. Our business intelligence platform includes data visualization and exposure of details in complex reports, so you can easily get the insight you need to turn information into action.

Trucking, Shipping and Mass Transit – Diver Platform delivers product features to keep you moving

  • Operating Cost
  • Productivity Reporting
  • Sales and Profitability Analysis
  • Traceability
  • Planning and Forecasting
  • Process Visualization and Analysis
  • Profitability per Customer, Service, Car
  • Transit Time
  • Pick Up and Delivery Precision
  • Order Accuracy
  • Number of Complaints
  • Equipment Utilization Analysis

Diver Platform delivers key benefits for Transportation like:

Safe Control

Diver Platform ™ provides you with a comprehensive solution that ensures control across your business. This includes solutions for both strategic, tactical and operational management. This includes reporting on profitability / liquidity, input factors and core processes.

Gains Realization

The application can be expanded to include the use of solutions for planning and following up measures, including gain realization. This, from an experience point of view, ensures greater utility of the solution. Through a well-proven introduction method, the application is adapted to their business, while at the same time building up internal expertise and ownership of the solution. This reduces risk, cost and time for implementation.

Improved Delivery Precision

Delivery precision challenges can lead to increased costs and poorer customer satisfaction. With our business intelligence software you can dive into detailed reports and identify the challenges that may emerge. This way you can act proactively and increase customer satisfaction with better delivery precision.

Dive Deep to Optimize Efficiency

Our business intelligence software provides information that helps identify the time spent in the transportation process. Make better decisions with solutions that optimize processes and increase efficiency. Access an integrated overview of the drivers schedule and delivery capacity to gain insight and maximize profitability.

Minimize Unprofitable Downtime

Schedule corrective and predictable maintenance upfront to minimize unprofitable downtime. Make sure systems and trucks are running at optimal capacity during the most profitable periods.


POD (proof of delivery) is an important component when managing the company’s cash flow. With Diver, complex reporting is easy. Our software makes it easy to associate PODs with invoices without a document system, so you can focus on other elements.

Click the image above to browse 5 different dashboard examples for transport. The examples of the transport dashboards are provided by Dimensional Insight’s industry partner, Zight.





Profitability per Customer, Service, Bill


Revenue vs. Budget / Forecast


Shipping Cost per Unit


Working Capital Turnover Rate


Postpay Billing


Billing Rate


Number of Complaints


Transit Time


Utilization % Equipment


Damage Costs % of Shipping Costs


Pick-up and Delivery Precision



% Web Bookings


% Confirmed Order on Time


Number of Assignments per Mill


Transport Frequency per Customer


% Customers Use the Service


% Damage Type per Customer


A lot of the big customers, they demand that we report in very specific ways to them, and that is only possible because we have a product like Dimensional Insight, where we can do these customized reports.

Alexander Skaarup Kristensen

Head of Finance Business Partnering, Freja