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Award-Winning End-to-End, Data Management, BI/Analytics, and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Platform

Dimensional Insight’s Platform Architecture.
1, 2, 3, 4. It’s not magic — it’s superior engineering.

All your data, from all your sources — on demand and delivered to whoever needs it

Dimensional Insight’s architecture provides a robust data transporter to transform data into a data pipeline to perform intuitive analysis for quick validation. Once validated the data lives in accessible data lakes for easy retrieval. The architecture’s measure-centric approach automates the process of appending rules and measures. Centralized storage provides ongoing visibility, and the freedom to let subject matter experts review definitions and measures on the fly. Self-service analytics capabilities and agile exploration empower users to build reports and dashboards to suit their every need. An open architecture environment lets those users choose how they want to view their data including software or device.

Dimensional Insight’s Platform

The end-to-end platform is agnostic. In our cloud, in your cloud, multi-clouds, or on-site — it’s your choice.

Enterprise Governance

Centralized data repository stores all business rules and viewable definitions in one place. Stakeholders and subject matter experts can tailor measures and business rules. Metadata and logging provide an ongoing historical view of how a rule was devised or altered.

Enterprise Security

Diver’s security module handles user authentication and access control based on the user, group, and role. The security functionality is robust and includes logging.

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